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Check check... is thing on?

Well folks, spring training has begun. Red Sox v. Yankees, Cubs v. Cardinals. Time to fire this bad boy group back into action.

What's everyone's outlook on this season?

There's already talk about Prior being the front runner for the Cy Young.

It's a shame the Cubs are going to prevent the Red Sox from having a repeat. ;-)

I still don't know what jersey to buy. Help! ... and no, I can't buy them all.
             a) Prior
             b) Garciaparra
             c) Sandberg
             e) Maddux
             f) Patterson (I don't care what anyone thinks, he's going to grow to be                         unstoppable.)
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I'd stay classic and safe with Sandburg.

What are your feelings on Sammy joining the AL Beast? Prob. very similar to mine with Pedro thankful for the years given, and thankful the man's gone.

You get tix to the Wrigley game? My bro lives in Chicago and says it's just silly. Besides opening day at Fenway one of those games are tops on the list for me. Stubhub may get a lot of my money...

Good luck Cubbies, hope you have a great season.
Sammy was big for the team when they would lose 90-95 games a season, but the team caught up to him. It wasn't "his house" anymore. I do wish it would have ended differently, though, but it had to be done. I'm sure he'll get plenty of recognition when the Cubs Hall of Fame is opened next year (part of the Wrigley construction project.)

When tickets go on sale on the 25th, I'll probably head down to Wrigley and get them. It's actually easier to get good seats when you buy them at the ticket office. Getting two tickets right next to each other, for some reason, never seems to work for me online. If you don't get them early, though, you pretty much have to take a day off of work to go to a day game... which I've never been opposed to. :) It also really depends on what game you go to. The White Sox series always sell out first.

I work for the Wrigley company, and they always do their employee appreciation day on one of the rooftops. This year was an Astros game; I hope Wrigley comes to the realization that there's a certain interleague series involving a certain New England team that would be a great way to show appreciation for all us chewing gum peddlers.
u should get maddux
he is doing good and i think he will stay with the cubs until he retires
im a bit slow on this, but i was having the same dilemma myself! (about which jersey to get!)

Prior is injured yet again... he's killin me, i'm tellin ya.